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         NEWS & EVENTS
Dubai Gasworld Conference - 18th to 20th Sep 2017
Buzwair Gases Qatar and MEGA (Middle East Gases Association) Gold sponsors of the welcome reception at the recent Gasworld conference held in Dubai 18th to 20th September 2017.
Frank Brunsdon General Manager Buzwair Gases Qatar
Chairing Session 2
Technological/Safety Partnerships
Milestone of 1,000th container handling by Gulf Helium Services Qatar

Gulf Helium Services marks a milestone step in their operations in handling the 1,000th helium containers with a celebration that was held at their facility located in Ras Laffan West Side Support Service Area, Qatar on 23rd May 2017. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Fahad M F Buzwair, Chairman of Buzwair Holding, Mr. Akiji Makino, Chairman & CEO of Iwatani Corporation and also by Mr. Norikazu Onishi, President and CEO of LNG Japan Corporation, representing the three shareholders of Gulf Helium Services. Gulf Helium Services – Qatar’s first helium total facility solution center has handled more than 1,000 40foot ISO Helium containers facilitating logistics support to reach the same to various end users in many parts of the world.

Gulf Helium Services 1000th Container

Gulf Helium Services is a Joint Venture Company established in 2013 by a Qatari Company and 2 Japanese Corporations – Buzwair Industrial Gases Factories, Iwatani Corporation and LNG Japan Corporation.

GHS is the first and the only helium handling facility in Qatar incorporating liquid and gaseous helium trans-filling, helium ISO Container maintenance and road haulage logistics services. The container logistics is the transportation of liquid helium containers between Jebel Ali Port in the United Arab Emirates and Ras Laffan, Qatar.

Liquid Helium is supplied from Qatar Helium-2 production facility in Ras Laffan with a 20 years SPA to Iwatani Corporation.

Gulf Helium Services facilitates the use of Qatar helium offering a reliable and a quality service to the Qatari end users as well as to customer in the Middle East & North Africa Markets with the advantage of their ultra-modern trans-filling efficiency. Gulf Helium Services will help secure the stable supply of helium in this region meeting the increasing demand in medical applications, specialized welding, deep sea diving, and as an industrial coolant.

In order to carryout maintenance of Helium ISO containers and periodical inspection for certification, Gulf helium Services strives to provide better opportunities to the helium merchants in securing their ISO Containers being maintained in this region.

Frank Brunsdon receiving Plaque of thanks from MEGA

Frank Brunsdon of Buzwair Gases Qatar receiving a Plaque of thanks from the Board of The Middle East Gases Association (MEGA) after completion of the constitutional 2 year period being President of this organization for 2015 and 2016.

MEGA Plaque

Far left Mr. Frank H Finger General Secretary and Centre Mr. Karaoud Moez of Air Liquide Middle East newly elected President of MEGA until 2018.

Buzwair Scientific and Technical Gases join Qatar Shell global supply chain
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Buzwair Scientific & Technical Gases (BSTG) a division of Buzwair Industrial Gases Factories (BIGF) awarded major Gas contract in Qatar 5th December 2016.

Localizing supplychain in Qatar
Buzwair Gases - Platinum sponsor of Keraliyam 2016

With more than 5,000 active members/sympathizers, Sanskriti has grown in to one of the most prominent and meaningful organizations in the State of Qatar. The expatriates and local media have recognized that Sanskriti is a socio-cultural with a difference - one which leads by example in issues that indeed matter to the expatriate community and the society we live in.

Keraleeyam 2016
Buzwair Exhibition stand at Gasworld Conference December 2015
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  • Buzwair Exhibition stand at Gasworld

    Visitors meeting staff at Buzwair Exhibition stand at Gasworld Conference December 2015

  • Buzwair Exhibition stand at Gasworld

    Gala dinner sponsored at Gasworld Conference 2015

  • Buzwair Exhibition stand at Gasworld

    Mike Bee of Buzwair Gases giving a presentation on Medical Gases Patient safety on behalf of The Middle East Gases Association

  • Buzwair Exhibition stand at Gasworld

    Entertainment during The Gasworld conference December 2015

Buzwair announced as platinum sponsor for gasworld MENA conference

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Industrial Gas conference

gasworld is pleased to announce that Buzwair Gases is confirmed as the platinum sponsor for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Industrial Gas conference taking place in Dubai from 7th-9th December, 2015.

The Qatar based company will be sponsoring the Conference Dinner on Tuesday 8th December, located on the Events Arena at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The beautiful setting will create a perfect backdrop for an evening of networking and hospitality.

Frank Brunsdon, General Manager of Buzwair Gases said, “We are very proud to be the platinum sponsor of the MENA conference. Buzwair personnel have always greatly benefited in many ways by attending gasworld conferences over the years and we see it to be very important being a sponsor for the first time as it will highlight our business with a captive audience and be seen as dependable and supportive.”

“gasworld always creates a very good audience with a mix of excellent speakers that bring together the right crowd that benefit from their program as the majority of people that attend will most likely know each other or will meet new people with similar interests and experiences to share.”

“Companies in general have few opportunities to build trust and establish a rapport with their regional competitors, regional and international suppliers and meet and hear from qualified and accomplished experts within their industries.”

gasworld would like to thank Buzwair for their support and look forward to welcoming them to Dubai.

gasworld has put together an exciting schedule of networking events and conference topics. The full list of speakers and conference agenda is available to view on the gasworld website.

Gasworld Conference 2013
Gasworld Conference

Mr. Harald Wendland gave a presentation in Gasworld Conference recently held in Dubai in behalf of Middle East Gas Association (MEGA). The Presentation was entitled  Challenges for Cylinder Fillers and Providers in the Middle East and was well received by all delegates.

Recent Gasworld interview by the General Manager- Frank Brunsdon of Buzwair Industrial Gases Factories.
Interview with Frank Budson

Helium Joint Venture in Qatar

Incorporating Liquid and Gaseous Helium Transfilling, Helium ISO Container Maintenance and Logistics Facilities

Buzwair Gases, Iwatani Corporation and LNG Japan have signed a joint venture agreement to establish a Helium handling facility in Qatar.

Buzwair Gases Buzwair Holding Head Office Doha, Qatar, Chairman: Mr. Fahad Buzwair Iwatani Corporation (Iwatani, Head Office: Tokyo and Osaka, President: Masao Nomura, Capital: JPY 20 billion) LNG Japan Corporation (LNG Japan, Head Office: Tokyo, President & CEO: Yasunori Takagi, Capital: JPY 8 billion)together signed the joint venture agreement in Tokyo on the 8th June 2013 to establish a company in Qatar. The function of this joint venture is to operate a liquid and gaseous Helium trans-filling and ISO container logistics and maintenance facilities. The signing ceremony for this joint venture agreement was held under the attendance of the heads of the three companies and executive management of the Partners.

Iwatani is the first Asian Company which has acquired the right to purchase liquid Helium directly from Qatar with the commissioning of the new Helium Ⅱ Project. The liquid Helium is extracted from the associated gas through the process of LNG production in one of the world’s largest LNG Plant in Qatar. Iwatani will purchase approximately 8 million cubic meters per year of Helium from the summer of 2013. Iwatani requires ISO container logistics and maintenance and recovery of the residual gas close to the liquid Helium production supply source in Qatar from where Iwatani will collect and export liquid Helium.

Helium Joint Venture in Qatar
Iwatani aims to build an effective and competitive logistics chain with the cooperation of Buzwair and LNG Japan who both have extensive business experiences in Qatar, this regional business promotion will be the first helium transfilling operation in Qatar, and will be a significant expansion of Helium value added technology business for the State of Qatar.

Due to the current worldwide critical supply shortage of helium which is a very rare strategic commodity, the new company will be focused on leading-edge technology, gas handling efficiencies for ultra high purity Helium (99.9999%), up to 300 bar filling pressure, and regional product security. Iwatani will continue to play an important role for stable supply of Helium to ensure its customers worldwide demand is met.

Helium is widely used in medical applications, laboratory analytical instruments, specialized welding, and deep sea diving, as an industrial coolant, metrological surveys and the entertainment industry.

Buzwair Gases is a leading company within Buzwair Holding W.L.L, a prestigious and long established (1954) Qatari industrial group covering a diversified business portfolio including real estate, construction, engineering, infrastructure as well as industrial, specialty and medical gases. Buzwair view’s this as a further important step in its focused and niched expansion strategy in the region developing specialized products and services coupled to international operating standards.

Buzwair also believes this partnership complements the Vision 2030 of Qatar, targeting a stimulating business climate capable of attracting foreign funds and technologies and of encouraging national investments. As such Buzwair has the contractual rights to market and sell the liquid and gaseous Helium throughout the MENA and some surrounding selected countries.

LNG Japan is a shareholder of Ras Laffan Liquefied Natural Gas Company Limited (Ras Gas) since 1997 as an energy trading house, LNG Japan has gained significant experience operating in Qatar.

Liquid Helium ISO Container Logistics will be based on the same premises as the operation for the transportation of liquid Helium ISO containers between Jebel Ali Port and HeliumⅡ Facility in Ras Laffan, which is approximately a 3 day one way journey. Jebel Ali Port is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is considered as the hub port of The Middle East.

The new facility will also be fully equipped to carry out ISO container inspection and certified maintenance and repairs.

Overview of the joint venture

  • Business
Liquid and Gaseous Helium transfilling
  Liquid Helium ISO Container transportation
  Liquid Helium ISO container maintenance
  • Shareholding
Buzwair 51%, Iwatani 25%, LNG Japan 24%
  • Location
West Side Support Services Area Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar 15km from QatarⅡHelium Plant
  • Commissioning Date
November 2013

Signing Ceremony of  Qatar Helium Project JVA


Qatar based Buzwair in Oman JV with National Gas

National Gas has announced that it has signed a joint venture (JV) and shareholder agreement with Qatar-based Buzwair Industrial Gases Factories for the establishment of a limited liability company.

Primarily used for checking and calibrating the function of detectors and instruments used in the following applications:


For more details, refer below link



Buzwair Scientific & Technical Gases started to produce non refillable gas cylinders

Buzwair can now supply custom made high precision Calibration and test gas mixtures and Ultra high purity gases in a variety capacity range of Aluminium and Steel lightweight cylinders. These Cylinders are manufactured to International Standards and can be transported by road, air or sea. Our cylinder range gives maximum contents with convenient portability and ease of use for the operator. When combined with our advanced cylinder preparation techniques we ensure mixture accuracy, optimum stability and maximum shelf life.

Primarily used for checking and calibrating the function of detectors and instruments used in the following applications:

  • Flammable gas detection
  • Toxic gas detection
  • Refrigerant gas detection
  • Ethanol breath testing
  • Gas chromatography
  • Food atmosphere analysis
  • Medical gas analysis
  • Environmental monitoring


The portfolio of available mixture types cover the whole range from simple LEL Binary mixtures through to laboratory standards featuring complex blends of multi components of low ppm levels.

Manufactured by analytical certification to ISO 17025
Also Gravimetrically manufactured to IS0 6142


Buzwair Industrial Gases announces major investment in Oman

Buzwair Industrial Gases a 100% Qatari owned company established in 1954 can proudly announce the signing of a 15 year industrial gas supply agreement with Sun Metals LLC of Sultanate of Oman, the agreement is to build, own and operate an onsite Air Separation Unit plant to supply Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon to Sun Metals integrated steel plant in Sur-Oman.

The agreement was signed at Buzwair Holding new head offices in C ring road Doha Qatar on May 17th 2012 by the Mr. P.T. Shivarajan, Operations Director of Sun Metals, Mr. Probir Chakraborty, Director Corporate and CFO of Sun Metals and Mr. Fahad Buzwair Chairman of Buzwair Holding.

Sun Metals LLC will build the integrated steel plant on a new site in Sur, Oman based on leading and energy efficient technology (using Allis Chalmers USA ported Rotary Kiln technology) that will allow Sun Metals to export power to the Oman electricity grid, Sun Metals will produce 600kt per annum of continuously cast billet and 200kt of direct reduced iron, this investment will be in the region of 300 million US Dollars in the steel plant.

This investment by Buzwair is part of our strategic expansion into the Middle East region and is an important step in Buzwair’s future growth plan that has already seen investments in the South East Asia industrial gas markets.

The air separation plant will be over sized to accommodate the steel plant peak demands and will provide excess liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon for sales and distribution into the broader Omani market.

Buzwair has recently completed its investment of Buzwair Scientific and Technical Gases in a world class facility for the production of specialty gases at their Doha based operation. This facility is accredited to ISO 17025 quality standards, the gas mixtures produced are primarily used in the petrochemical and related industries. These gases which are used for calibration and analytical purposes are currently being sold extensively in Qatar and elsewhere in the region.

Buzwair also expects to announce a further investment in Qatar with international partners within the industrial gas industry in the near future.

Achieved DOT certification
US Department of Transportation (DOT) approved as a cylinder requalification facility under Section 107.805 of Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR).
Member of The British Cryogenics Council
We are proud to inform that we are a member of The British Cryogenics Council.
IAS accrediation criteria for Testing Laboratories(AC89)
Buzwair Laboratory has met the requirements of the IAS Accreditation Criteria for Testing Laboratories (AC89), has demonstrated compliance with ANS/ISO/IEC Standard 17025:2005, General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, and has been accredited, commencing May 19, 2012.
BIGF became member of MEGA
We are proud to announce that BIGF become an active member of MEGA (Middle East Gases Association)
BIGF upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 standards
Buzwair Industrial Gases is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, which follows ISO standards for Quality Management Systems. As much as we’re persistently investing in new production units for expansion purposes, B.I.G.F’s paramount concern is towards improving the quality standards being implemented while providing our gas products and services.
Became member of the European Industrial Gases Association [EIGA]
B.I.G.F demands safety at all times during its operation by providing continual training programs for all its staff members to help maintain high safety standards. Being a Member of the European Industrial Gases Association [EIGA], B.I.G.F is conscious of the International Gas Safety Standards.
Post address: P.O. Box 319, Doha, Qatar
Phone: +974 4460 5841, Fax: +974 4450 3408
Email: gases@buzwairgroup.com

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