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A name that pioneered the Industrial field of Qatar from the year of 1954. Excellent service, quality and trust have been the hallmarks of Buzwair Group, which began its operations in a very small way.
Liquid Nitrogen
  Used for Gas Pipeline Purging and Tank     Blanketing
Dry Ice Service
  Buzwair Gases are pioneers in Dry Ice     Blasting and Cleaning
Helium Services
  Cryo Fill
  Cooling System Monitoring
  Woren Magnet cool-down
  Magnet De - Icing
  Helium Safety Training
Pipe Freezing
The Method of pipe freezing is carried out by clamping a specially designed insulated jacket around the pipe work at the point to be isolated, providing an annular space between the pipe wall and the inner skin of the jacket, Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen is then introduced to the annular space creating a bath around the pipe at cryogenic temperatures. As heat is exchanged between the pipe contents and the freeze system , the temperature of the contents is reduced and an ice plug gradually forms from the outer wall inwards towards the centre of the pipe.

Meanwhile, liquid nitrogen evaporates and is vented off and is replenished from a liquid nitrogen storage vessel. Once the ice plug is formed, suitable checked and pressured tested the pipe can be broken into and work carried out. The ice plug can be maintained for an indefinite period until the work is completed and the pipe work is made safe.

Pipe freezing is an essential tool in the maintenance of all types of liquid storage, process and transfer plant. The range of applications in which pipe freezing can provide cost effective solutions is both extensive and diverse, from a small domestic water pipe to a huge oil pipeline, from a hospital heating system any liquid bulk storage system, the freeze can be applied quickly and the results are reliable. If you wish to isolate plant or equipment, or simply want to replace a leaking valve, the most practical solution to the problem in terms of cost is pipe freezing.

Freezing jackets can be quickly fitted to the pipe upstream and downstream from the part that has to be replaced or repaired. A range of jacket sizes for different dimension pipe sizes are readily available or in unusual conditions jackets can be fabricated to custom fit economically.

The majority of liquids can be frozen and quickly form an ice plugs while giving your personnel time to carry out the rectification work. The ice plugs can be maintained over a period of hours, days or even weeks if and when necessary.

Please see below photograph of typical pipe freeze and Customer commendation of Buzwair work

Cylinder Maintenance
  Hydro-static pressure testing
  Sand Blasting (external rust removal)
  Painting (according to international color     coding standards)
  Vacuuming/Purging (internal cleaning)
  Valve/Spindle Replacement (connection     repairs)
  Caps (protect connection valves)

Post address: P.O. Box 319, Doha, Qatar
Phone: +974 4460 5841, Fax: +974 4450 3408
Email: gases@buzwairgroup.com

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