Cryogenic and Air Gases Production

Buzwair Industrial Gases Factories established in 1954 and has the capability to produce cryogenic liquid Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen from two independent Air Separation plants .The two plants produce 150 tons of liquid gases per day, our storage capacity is 2.0 million liters on site. Product can be delivered by Buzwair fleet of cryogenic road tankers.

Buzwair Air separation plant is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company which follows ISO standards for Quality, Safety and Environment Management System.

Air Separation Plant

Buzwair cryogenic gases can provide the most specific details of the products of the purity

Product Purity %
Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) >99.999
Liquid Oxygen (LOX) >99.98
Liquid Argon (LAR) >99.999
Air Separation Plant

Delivery Option

  • Road Tankers with capacities ranging from 3000 LT to 25,000 LT per unit delivery
  • ISO Bulk Tanks with capacities ranging from 3000 LT to 20,000 LT
  • Liquid containers (Dewars) with capacities ranging from 5 liters units to 250 liters units
  • Storage Tank Installation at customer sites on rental or ownership basis.

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