AlKhor Branch

Buzwair Industrial Gases Factories – Alkhor Branch was established in 2011 to serve Ras Laffan Industrial City – RLIC and the north of Qatar sector.

The Facility includes three filling stations for Oxygen, Argon, and Nitrogen Gases as well as dedicated storage tanks for all Cryogenic products to ensure a sustained and reliable supply to the area. Moreover, the branch includes the sales of welding and cutting consumables and accessories to serve all steel fabrication and maintenance requirements.

Our Proximity to our clients in Ras Laffan and north sector plays a significant role in our customer service between Buzwair and our customers; this is due to the swift responses and consistent delivery plans which make us the first Choice in the Ras Laffan industrial city.

BIGF Al Khor Branch
BIGF Al Khor Branch

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