GHS – Gulf Helium Services

Gulf Helium Services (GHS) was established on 2013 as a Qatari Joint Venture Company with the collaboration of Buzwair Industrial Gases Factories, Iwatani Corporation and LNG Japan.

GHS is the first company with filling and distributing facilities for Helium in Qatar and has the capability to offer these services to any operators/off-takers of Helium.

GHS Main Operations

Trans-filling (Gas & Liquid Helium)

  • Liquid Helium Dewar – 400 L, 250 L & 100 L
  • Helium Gas Quads – 64, 48, 16 & 12 Cylinders up to 300 Bar pressure and ultra high purity of Grade 6.0 (99.9999%)
  • Balloon Grade Helium – 50 L, 40 L, 20 L & 10 L Cylinder
  • Deep sea diving Heliox up to 300 bar – 50 L Cylinder
    Welding Tri-Mixtures – 50 L Cylinder
  • Filling Gas Capability : 800,000 m3 / year
  • Filling Liquid Capability: 792,000 Liters / year
    (Based on single shift operation at 330 days / year)
high purity helium
helium dewar

Cryogenic ISO Container Maintenance and Periodic Inspection (DOT/UN/CSC)

  • Maintenance of 40 feet ISO Containers
    • Servicing and replacement of all valves, rupture
      disc, flow meter and regulator etc.
    • Inspection and calibration of safety relief valves,
      pressure & level gauges, pressure control valves,
    • Refurbishment of container structure, periodic pressure test of DOT -5 years & UN/CSC -2.5 years
    • Container painting and re-signage (Blasting and
      whole painting, touch-up)
      Container washing (High pressure washing bay)
    • Maintenance Capability: 300 ISO containers / year
cryogenic container


  • GHS has the capability to
    • Transport Helium containers from Ras Laffan to overseas markets, via Hamad port Qatar, by container vessels.
    • Transport and distribute Liquid and Gas
      Helium by ISO containers, Dewars, cylinders and tube trailers throughout the State of Qatar and MENA.
  • Transportation Capability: 1,650 ISO containers / year
Helium Transportation

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