Buzwair Industrial Gases Showroom – A New Look

Buzwair Industrial Gases Showroom has recently gone under a major renovation to make it more customer friendly and efficient.

The Buzwair showroom has been operating for over 25 years in the Doha Industrial Area of Qatar and predominately sells welding consumables, oxy fuel cutting equipment and industrial protective clothing.

From this same establishment Buzwair also sells Freon gas of high quality brands such as Honeywell USA and Galco of Belgium.

Victor brand for Oxy fuel cutting equipment and consumable.

Magma Weld Welding electrodes & wires Uniweld USA for Welding Alloys & Fluxes and Air Conditioning flush kits

Buzwair Industrial Gases Showroom,
Street 25, Gate 116,
Doha Industrial Area, Qatar
P: 44601925
F: 44504092
E:showroom@buzwairgases.com | gases@buzwairgases.com

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