Gulf Helium Services marks 10th Anniversary Celebration

A Decade of Success:

GHS Marks 10th Anniversary Celebration with Shareholders' Chairmen in Attendance

In a jubilant celebration of a decade of excellence and achievements, Gulf Helium Services, (GHS) recently marked its 10th anniversary with a spectacular event held at the company’s facility in Ras Laffan west side support Services area, next to one of the most advanced and largest liquefaction and helium production facilities in the world. The festivities were graced by the presence of esteemed chairmen from the company’s three shareholders, Mr. Fahad MF Buzwair, Chairman of Buzwair Holding, Mr. Hiroshi Majima, President of Iwatani Corporation, and Mr. Kyo Onojima, President & CEO of LNG Japan Corporation. Adding a special touch to the milestone celebration. The event was attended by High representative from Qatar Energy Adding to the significance of the event, In addition to key representatives from GHS’s valued customers.

Gulf Helium Service has been a prominent name in the industry since its inception in 2013. Specializing in Helium related services, from Transfilling of Liquid and Helium Gas to the Maintenance and Logistics of Helium Iso Containers, the company has steadily grown to become a leading force in the Helium Industry. Known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, GHS has forged strong partnerships and made significant contributions to the steady and stable supply form the state of Qatar.

The 10th-anniversary celebration was a testament to GHS’s journey of resilience, growth, and success. The event brought together, employees, and stakeholders to commemorate the company’s achievements over the past decade.

The anniversary celebration was adorned with moments of reflection, recognition, and excitement for the future. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into GHS’s journey through a timeline of achievements, witness the recognition of loyal employees, and engage in discussions about the company’s future plans.

The 10th-anniversary celebration of GHS was not only a reflection of the past but also a glimpse into an exciting future. With a decade of accomplishments behind it, GHS looks forward to further shaping the landscape of Helium Services and continuing its legacy of excellence.

GHS expresses its sincere gratitude to all attendees, including its esteemed customers, for making the 10th-anniversary celebration a memorable and meaningful event. With a decade of accomplishments behind it, GHS looks forward to an exciting future of continued collaboration and success.

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