Buzwair Scientific and Technical Gas Division: Pioneering the Future from Our New Facility

In a move that exemplifies our commitment to innovation, precision, and growth, Buzwair Scientific and Technical Gases Division is proud to announce its relocation to a new advanced specialty gas site.

Unparalleled Infrastructure for Specialty Gases

Our newly inaugurated facility isn’t just a relocation; it’s a monumental upgrade in terms of capability, infrastructure, and potential. Designed to harness the latest technologies, this site will not only allow us to cater to a larger volume of orders but will also uphold the highest standards of quality that our customers have come to expect.

Unparalleled Infrastructure
Certified Analysis Lab

ISO/EPA Certified Analysis Lab

Another feather in our cap is the integration of an advanced laboratory within our new premises. Recognizing the crucial role of precision and accuracy in the specialty gas sector, this lab equipment that can analyze a vast spectrum of gases. Our experts, leveraging this sophisticated technology, can provide our clients with the most accurate tests and certificates, affirming the quality and compliance of our products.

Our Products

Our facility specializes in providing a comprehensive range of gas mixtures and gas calibration services, catered to diverse industry needs. Our offerings include filling cylinders with various gas mixtures, as well as providing disposable cylinders (112DA,103DS, and 60DA). Moreover, we excel in filling pure gases up to 6N (99.9999%) grade, ensuring top-notch quality and precision. To support our operations, we have established three dedicated 6-ton tanks for liquid air cryo storage and filling within our facility. Additionally, we’ve made a significant investment in a 60m³/hr hydrogen electrolyzer plant, underscoring our commitment to sustainable and innovative practices.

BSTG Products
Buzwair Scientific and Technical Gas

Why the Move?

With the increasing demand for specialty and calibration gas storage, our previous facility had reached its peak in terms of capacity. This relocation underscores our proactiveness to adapt to the industry’s evolving demands and our determination to provide our customers with unmatched service. It is not just about meeting the rising order numbers but about enhancing every aspect of our production, analysis, and delivery.

Commitment to Excellence

Buzwair has long been synonymous with quality since 1954, and our new facility stands as a testament to this legacy. Every inch of the new site reflects our ethos: dedication to the craft, uncompromised quality, and customer-centricity. Our move to a dedicated 5000 m2 facility is about setting new industry benchmarks.


An Invitation to Explore

To our esteemed clients and partners, we extend an invitation to explore our new facility and witness firsthand the scale, innovation, and passion we bring to the specialty and technical gas domain. As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we reaffirm our promise: to work tirelessly in advancing our offerings and ensuring that you always receive the best quality and service.

Buzwair Scientific and Technical Gas Division
An Invitation to Explore
Here’s to a future fueled by precision, innovation, and unparalleled service. Join us on this transformative journey!
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