Installed new Liquid Carbon Dioxide tank at QATARAT

QATARAT – A Qatar Company bottling mineral water with a brand name QATARAT. Extending their production product range to CSD Carbonated Soft Drink which requires food grade 99.97% Purity carbon dioxide. Buzwair Gases recently signed a 5 year gas supply agreement to install a 10 ton capacity vertical liquid cryogenic tank for liquid Carbon Dioxide and continua’s uninterrupted supply of CO2. 

A 250 cubic meters per hour ambient vaporizer has been installed to convert the liquid carbon dioxide to a gaseous phase and piped to the customers production bottling plant.

The installation also includes the complete reticulation pipeline. Buzwair Gases has its own production facility of carbon dioxide with food-grade purity of >99.97% certified by AAL-Atlantic Analytical Laboratory USA.

Qatarat Liquid Carbon Dioxide tank installation
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