Medical Gases

Buzwair Gases is one of Qatar’s pioneering companies that manufactures and provides a complete range of medical gases, high purity gases and gas mixtures to the healthcare sector. Medical gases are necessary not only for diagnostic, therapy and anaesthetic purposes but also for clinical studies and research laboratories. Our commitment is to supply and fulfill the demand and to understand healthcare needs in Qatar and the region, in order to meet and exceed expectations with high level of customer service and after sales service.

Quality Control

With our cylinders preparation facilities, filling facilities and accredited laboratory we can guarantee the medical gases purity and specifications to meet the requirements of prime regional Pharmacopoeia organizations (e.g: European Pharmacopoeia & US Pharmacopoeia).

Medical Oxygen

Oxygen 99.8% Purity

Medical Air

20.8% Oxygen Balance Nitrogen

Medical Carbon Dioxide

99.9% Purity

Medical Nitrous Oxide

99% purity

Medical Breathing Gas

50% Oxygen, 50% Nitrous

99.9% Purity

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