Buzwair Gases installs first Liquid to Gaseous Nitrogen system for Laser in Qatar

Buzwair Gases Qatar has installed its first Liquid Nitrogen to Gas system in The State of Qatar July 2018.
After long and intense negotiations to find the correct technical system at a suitable price level for both parties, Buzwair Gases and Pro- Suppliers signed a 5 year gas supply agreement to install a bulk nitrogen system that will give high purity nitrogen at high pressure and volume flow rates.
Nitrogen is generally used when cutting stainless steel or aluminum in order to achieve excellent quality unlike oxygen, Nitrogen serves as a shielding gas in cutting light gauge materials to stop the burning process and allows the Laser to vaporize the material.
liquid to gaseous nitrogen system installation
The system involved installing a 10,000 high pressure bilk liquid Nitrogen tank and vaporizing system that will feed nitrogen of 99.999% purity at 36 bar pressure.
A stainless steel pipeline was installed from the Vaporisor and pipe routed from outside the main fabrication and cutting workshop of Pro-suppliers to a gas safety control system that controlled the flow and pressure of the nitrogen before entering into 2 Laser steel cutting machines.
Buzwair Gases produces industrial, medical & speciality gases in the state of Qatar and was founded in 1954.
liquid to gaseous nitrogen system installation
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