Cylinder Maintenance and Hydraulic Pressure Testing

Seamless steel, aluminum and composite compressed gas cylinders requires periodic re-qualification process after certain years depending on the cylinder manufacturing standards.

Generally, the re-qualification process is divided into two sections:

Visual inspection :

  • Before any work is carried out, the relevant cylinder data and its contents and ownership shall be identified. Each cylinder shall be cleaned and have all loose coatings, corrosion products, tar, oil or other foreign matter removed from its external surface.
  • The external surface of each cylinder shall then be inspected for dents, cuts, gouges, bulges, cracks, lamination or excessive base wear heat damage, torch or electric arc burns Corrosion.
  • Each cylinder shall be inspected internally also (with the valve removed), using adequate illumination to identify any defects.

Hydraulic Pressure Testing

  • It is a hydraulic system to determine the volumetric expansion of seamless steel gas cylinders.
  • When carrying out a pressure test, a suitable fluid, normally water shall be used as the test medium.

Buzwair Gases is one of few companies in the region which has an approved testing facility from Department of Transportation USA (DOT) since 2012. Our workshop is fully equipped with modern testing console, all the special tools and machines for steel shot blasting, internal cylinders drying, valving/de-valving, internal inspection and cylinders stamping.

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