Purging and Inerting

Buzwair Gases provides safe and reliable purging and inerting services to customer’s industrial and maintenance requirements. Buzwair Gases proves its technical competence in providing safe and efficient purging and inerting services through successful longterm experience from customers in the oil and gas industry. Buzwair Gases supplies pure gas quality, certified equipment, accurate moisture level monitoring during the purging services, Buzwair purging team consist of highly qualified, experienced well trained personnel.


Purging is a short term process of replacing the air or hazardous gases in the space of a vessel and pipes by inert gas nitrogen. It is done either by displacement or dilution of the gases, depending on the type of vessel or equipment. Purging is mainly done during shutdown and startup of maintenance services or decommissioning of a process. It prevents the formation of combustible gas by lowering the oxygen content until it reaches the lower explosive limit.

  • Dry-Out Procedure : Purging of heated nitrogen gas is used to lower the moisture level inside the vessel or pipeline to prevent the oxidation on the wall of a vessel.
  • Cool-Down Procedure : For maintenance services, the shutdown of equipment and catalyst speeds up by nitrogen gas purging and lowering its temperature. It ensures a stable, non-reactive atmosphere during maintenance and change-over of a catalyst or reactor.


Inerting is a long term procedure of displacing the atmosphere of a vessel such as fuel tanks and tankers with nitrogen gas. The flammable gas and air are replaced by an inert gas to lower the oxygen level in the space of a vessel and prevents unwanted combustion and the risk of explosion during storage or transportation.

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