Helium Balloon Gas Cylinder

Helium Balloon Gas Cylinder

Everything you need to inflate up to 70 Helium Balloon

We provide you with our lightweight Disposable Helium Gas Cylinders, for easy filling of latex Balloon and ribbon. The cylinders are provided with filling nozzle and open/close top valve. Unused helium gas can be stored safely in the cylinder for future use.

Please return the empty cylinders to the supplier for recycling.

Please note: Read the safety instruction on the box before use.

Helium Balloon Cylinder

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Buzwair Industrial Gases Factories
P.O Box 319, Bldg 169, Street 28,
Industrial Area, Doha – Qatar

T: +974 4460 1079
E: gases@buzwairgases.com

Buzwair Industrial Gases Showroom
P.O Box 319, Gate 116, Street 25,
Industrial Area, Doha – Qatar

T: +974 4460 1925
E: showroom@buzwairgases.com

Buzwair CO2 Plant & Dryice Services
P.O Box 319, Bldg 128, Street 1,
New  Industrial Area, Doha – Qatar

T: +974 4411 4840
E: co2plant@buzwairgases.com

Buzwair Industrial Gases – Al Khor Branch
P.O Box 319, Gate91, Street 21,
Al Khor Industrial Area, Qatar

T: +974 4417 0613
E: alkhor@buzwairgases.com

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