Soda Stream CO2 Cylinder

Refillable Soda stream cylinders of carbon Dioxide for Sparking Water maker

Soda Stream cylinders of carbon Dioxide for carbonated water or fruit juices, purchase new full or exchange full for empty cylinder.

Enjoy our product of Soda cylinder filled with certified Food Grade Carbon Dioxide:

  • Refillable Soda cylinders meets European Standards
  • Compatible to most Soda Machines
  • 350 g of Food & Beverage Grade CO2 certified to International Standards
Soda Stream CO2 Cylinder

Each cylinder carbonates up to 50 liters of water.
Compatible with all Soda Stream flavors and Soda Stream carbonation bottles.

Cylinder size:
Height: 33 cm
Diameter: 6 cm

Cylinder Standard: European Standard (EN-ISO 7866)

Sales office contact details

Buzwair Industrial Gases Factories
P.O Box 319, Bldg 169, Street 28,
Industrial Area, Doha – Qatar

T: +974 4460 1079

Buzwair Industrial Gases Showroom
P.O Box 319, Gate 116, Street 25,
Industrial Area, Doha – Qatar

T: +974 4460 1925

Buzwair CO2 Plant & Dryice Services
P.O Box 319, Bldg 128, Street 1,
New  Industrial Area, Doha – Qatar

T: +974 4411 4840

Buzwair Industrial Gases – Al Khor Branch
P.O Box 319, Gate91, Street 21,
Al Khor Industrial Area, Qatar

T: +974 4417 0613

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