New Liquid Helium Containers

Qatar based Buzwair Helium Services has recently purchased 3 new liquid Helium ISO containers.

The liquid Helium ISO containers were shipped to BHS from Germany in January, March and May 2023 to Gulf Helium Services a joint venture company between Buzwair Gases , Iwatani and LNG Japan at GHS facility in Ras Laffan west side support and services area. After being prepared for cool down prior to liquid Helium filling at Qatar Energy LNG Helium II plant.

These new Buzwair liquid Helium ISO containers will be primarily used for deliveries of liquid Helium  for Qatar local market, GCC  and The Middle East & North Africa Region market (MENA).

These new liquid Helium containers will give Buzwair Helium Services more flexibility in the supply of liquid Helium to its customers in the region and will strengthen Buzwair Helium Services position as a supplier of Helium in the Region.

It is a part of Buzwair future expansion to add new liquid Helium containers to its fleet in the near future which will allow BHS to target new markets and  gain a wider customers base.

World Ozone Day

Buzwair Gases attends Environmental seminar on the occasion of World Ozone Day

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change in the state of Qatar, represented by the Department of Chemicals and Hazardous Waste, in cooperation with Doha University of Science and Technology, organized an environmental seminar on the occasion of World Ozone Day which annually falls every year September 16th. It has been decided to hold a ceremony on Sunday September 17th 2023 under the slogan:

“Montreal Protocol: Ozone Layer Restoration and Climate Change Reduction"

At the Doha University of Science and Technology building the Ministry extended an invitation to attend to Buzwair Gases and was honored for their efforts and cooperation in implementing the Montreal Protocol Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Laye  In particular Buzwair Gases has been considered to implement the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Gas Reclamation Center in the State of Qatar which aims primarily to reduce the use of non-refillable cylinders and work on the safe disposal of hydrochlorofluorocarbon gases.

World Ozone Day