Gas Name : Industrial Ammonia

Buzwair offers Ammonia Gas in cylinders with purity up to 99.5%

NH3 is commonly known as Anhydrous Ammonia means Ammonia without water (Moisture content is less than 0.2%)

Chemical and Physical properties :

Has pungent Smell, soluble in water, Non Flammable, Colorless and Toxic gas

Source of the Gas :

Ammonia is mainly produced by chemical combination of Nitrogen and Hydrogen

Uses of Gases by Industry :

  • Refrigeration industry due to its ability to absorb heat
  • Aluminum Galvanizing due to its properties to neutralize the acid
  • To neutralize the pH in the Concrete mix

Our Options to Supply :

  •  50kg or 60 kg of Anhydrous Ammonia in Cylinders with BS 341 valve no.10
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