Refrigerant Gases

Galco - Belgium and Honeywell - USA

Buzwair gases has its own refrigerant gases department located in Buzwair Gases Showroom in Industrial Area St# 25, Buzwair gases source The Refrigerant Gases mainly R-134A, R-404A, R-407C and R-410A. From World wide suppliers located in Europe (Climalife Galco of Belgium) and (Honeywell Genetron of USA).

Refrigerant Gases
Refrigerant Gases
  • R-134a is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) designed for domestic, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, as well as air conditioning systems, liquid refrigeration systems and heat pumps.R-134a is used in large chillers and by car A/C and agricultural manufacturers.
  • R-404A HFC blend, designed for commercial industrial and transport refrigeration applications. R-404A is used for new refrigeration units for supermarkets, refrigerated cold storage rooms, food refrigeration systems, cabinets for the storage of refrigerated food and for refrigerated trucks.
  • R-407C is a HFC blend. It is mainly also used in air conditioning applications where R22 would have previously been used.
  • R-410A is a blend gas mainly use in new air conditioning systems. It is used in small power air conditioning and industrial refrigeration sectors.
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